Tosca puppies

born: 2009 - 01 - 07


NEW  PROGRAM  to  look  at  Tosca’s  puppies.

Click on number 1 to 9 to see photos of each
pup as they grow and develop.


Tosca´s pups now 6 days old.
Quiet and happy puppies and a wonderful mother.
(Let´s hope it stays that way? )


All out at last! Now can Tosca relax.

Oops! No milk this end. Wow! We´ve found the milk bar

The pups just love their gruel (välling in Swedish)cornstarch,
margarine, milk and puppy food mixed

It is easier to lay down and eat!

Fröken (miss) Betty Pettersson always gets in a mess!

Fröken (miss) Berg likes a mud bath after she has eaten!

Puppy nr. 3 is the most forward and likes the new toys from Aunt Anna.

5 little boys who behaved well!

4 little girls who would not keep still and got rather tired with us!

Nr 5 was exhausted after the photo shoot (18/02)!

Nr 2 is the only one who can sit still to be weighed (18/02)!