Lovely head study of Kirvisniemi
by Ingrid Ringels


Kuai Le Gou´s Allbright at Tintavon
Kylie at 10 weeks of age.
A "Star" great grand daughter

Kylie at 2 years


Tengrinor Rhona

Mother of Desdemona, Hardly ever shown because of consistent ear problems.

Tengrinor Rhona
Here posing on a birthday card

 Son and father
Eridanus (9 cc.s) & Cavarodossi (39 cc.s)
Photo Sally Anne Thompson

Ch Tsangpo Eridanus of Tintavon
as a puppy
Breeder Sally & Hedley Kerman, kennel Tsangpo

Kirvis loved to ride on the grassclipper.
He spent his retirement with the wonderful family
Olsson in Sundsvall