I first saw individuals of this breed while judging in Surabari about 12 years ago, our good friend John Lo showed us two red and white particolour dogs of spitz type and told us this was the second Thai breed although not recognised at that time. Since that time the breed has gone forward with serious dog people taking an interest in this breed and breeding has flourished and type has become more even!  I first judged Thai Bankaew in Bangkok four years ago and had an entry of 31, the breed was not recognised but they organised club shows in conjunction with all breed shows, I found the breed most interesting and while it reminds me a little of a Icelandic Sheepdogs and Norrbotten Spitz but being in between both breeds I found that there was no doubt that this was definitely a “new breed” and not the whims of breeders wanting to create a new breed!  One thing that bothered me a little was that many were so reserved and would snap just like the Thai Ridgebacks did in the early days but I am most happy to report that this is NOT the case now and with the correct socialising the Thai Bankaew is a most friendly and alert breed and is devoted to its family but also has an incredible memory for people that it has met and if liked the dogs shows immediately that “this is a long lost friend”

Why have we (Paul) added this breed to our website you ask?  Well, Paul is fascinated with this breed, just like he is with the Thai Ridgebacks and hopefully as soon as the FCI recognise this breed you will see some at Tintavon and with our friends and we can introduce European dog fanciers to this charming breed!

The breed originated in the village of Bankaew in the province of Pitsanoluk, which is roughly between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. The local abbot owned a black and white bitch and this mated itself to a now extinct wild dog and so the Bankaew breed started but it was not until 1957 that selective breeding was started.  In the province of Pitsanoluk the breed is regarded as a local treasure and all over Thailand the breed is becoming popular and treated with the highest respect and love.

I had the great honour and privilege to be the first non-Asian judge to judge the breed at the championship specialty held at the Rose Garden in conjunction with the Thai KC International show on December 20th 2008.  This show was extra prestigious as the “kings trophies” were awarded to best dog and bitch and as anyone who is acquainted with Thailand will know that the Royal family especially the beloved king is held in the highest esteem, so it was trophies that every breeder or owner wanted to win!  I learned afterwards that my BOB was bred and owned by a breeder from Pitsanoluk, so this was very fitting!

 I had the wonderful opportunity to visit breeders in Pitsanoluk after the show and to visit the temple in Bankaew where to my thrill and amazement I saw a statue of the monk with a Thai Bankaew painted on the wall behind. This was a fantastic moment for me as being involved with Tibetan breeds we have the enormous country of Tibet as the place of origin but here I was standing in a little village which is the place of origin for a breed!  I was lucky to visit five breeders and see all there dogs and lots of puppies all of which had wonderful temperaments and oh, so cute! Fluffy little things with dark eyes and so inquisitive and not in the slightest afraid of “farang” (foreigners)

Enjoy the photos below and if you have any questions about this lovely breed please do not hesitate to contact us!  Remember that nearly all of Thai Bankaew are NOT kept in air conditioned kennels like the majority of show dogs in Thailand and this is why some are a little short of coat or furnishings!

The statue on the left is of the monk who started the breed and you can see
the painting of the Bankaew to the right.


Painting of Thai Bankaew in the temple of the village of Bankaew honouring
the monk who started the breed

Breed Standard

Our dear friend Sue-Lynn Tong from Singapore joined us on our
visit to Pitsanoluk

      Paul with cute puppy
 black and white is not a usual colour but very striking!



Black and white pup just loved Göran and asked if he could move to Sweden with him?

What an expression on this lovely puppy!



Farewell dinner with TBK breeders in Pitsanoluk.

5th from left is our very good friend Somsak Taechapeti, world famous Pomeranian breeder and judge who is vice president of the Thai KC and keen supporter of TBK.

Bottom row is Somchai who was Görans and my chauffor on our (different) visits to Pitsanoluk, then Sue-Lyn and I, the other lovely people I still have to learn their names!

Gold/white male in Pitsanoluk, not in coat but excellent  type.

Black & white male, (sire of b/w pup) excellent type


Young male



Two young males

I love this dog!


Two good looking males!

Göran likes him as well!