Torbjörn's History

I was born in Brazil 1951 in the city of Recife in Pernamabuco state. I moved with my parents back to Sweden when I was 9 month old and we settled down in Stockholm in the suburb of Bromma.
In 1961 when I was 10 years old I started my hobby of horse riding (dressage and jumping) at a Ridingschool in Bromma. I still have the interest and try to ride once a week. When I started in dogs 1967 there was no time to have my own horse.
The families first breed was a Great Dane from the world famous kennel Airways, she was not a show dog so our first show dog was acquired from Kennel Majestatis, her name was Gadget, I made here up to INT o NORDIC CH.  Our next dog came from the USA. It was 1972. and her name were Danelaugh´s Alfhilde from Miss Nancy Caroll Draper and later in 1975 we brought in a male  Mayo of Magnus from  Mrs Paddy Magnuson both of them got there titles.
!980 I met Paul Stanton and got introduced to his dogs and after that no Great Danes has been in the home but still holds a big place in my heart.  Paul and I have since then Breed dogs together under his prefix Tintavon. We breed Lhasa apso and Tibetan terriers and since 1988 Whippets all under Kennel Tintavon.  1992 we were awarded the Swedish KC.s “Hamilton Plaque” for outstanding breeding of Lhasa apso, the first time for this breed. We have bred BIS winners in Lhasas and Tibetan terriers and group winners in Whippets.
I have also a big interest in handling dogs and enjoy judging Junior Handling (finals in Sweden, Norway and New Zealand) I also sit on the Swedish K.C. junior handlers committee. I still hold handling classes and coaching for small groups in different breeds.
 I have also been involved in different club works. In the Lhasa Apso Club as secretary and Chairman, Chairman in Tibetan Terrier club and also in Great Dane club middle section. I was involved in starting the Swedish club for Tibetan breeds which includes Tibetan terriers, Tibetan Mastiffs and Lhasa apso and was their first chairman (2001-2004) and am now Chairman again (2007). I have also been member of the board of the Swedish judges association.
I started judging in 1992 and am now licensed to judge some 90 breeds including all breeds in group 9 & 10 plus of course Great Danes and quite a few other breeds in group 2 plus some in groups 1, 3,5,6,7 & 8.
I have had the pleasure of judging specialty (club) shows for Lhasa Apso (S & AUS) Tibetan Terriers, Tibetan Spaniels, Tibetan Breeds (D), Shih Tzus (S & Russia), Papillon, Phalene,  Great Danes (S & AUS), Newfoundlands (S, N & NZ), Bearded Collies, OES,  Lagotto Romagnolo, Schnauzer/Pinscher, Salukis and Sighthound group shows (S, N, & DK).
I have judged at Championship shows in the following countries, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Brazil, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain.